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The Music of What Happens

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25 February
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-- There is an Irish myth about the hero Fionn Mac Cumhail and his followers, in which they discuss the question of what is the finest music in the world. His followers all suggest, as answers to the question, sounds like the bay of hunting hounds, the murmur of a loved one, the giggling of children, the sound of waves on a shore. Finally, they ask Fionn for his opinion. "The music of what happens," he says. "THAT is the finest music in the world."

(About me; I live in Brooklyn. I work in the theater in some esoteric fields. I write. I grew up in Connecticut. I cook a lot. Except for kayaking, I'm bad at sports.)

(About adding me to your friendslist: Please, don't hesitate, and don't feel you need to ask my permission.)

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