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Two rooms all to yourself in a Brooklyn apartment for a good price! Act now-ish!

Am in a strange spot roommate-wise - the current roommate is moving out, but not until February. But I really don't like the whole hunting-for-a-roommate process, so I'm looking now.

So I'mma put a brief note here, and have people contact me so I can send the more details in more private cover.

Brooklyn, New York; the Clinton Hill Neighborhood. Walking distance to Pratt University, and BAM, short bus ride to LIU and NYU Polytechnic, 40 minutes by subway-and-bus to midtown.

the new roommate would get TWO rooms - a bedroom (11 x 9 feet) with a closet (4 x 4 feet), AND exclusive use of an office area (6 x 9) off the common room (which also has its own closet). (One of the bedrooms is bigger than the other; I throw in the other room to make up for the difference in size.)

The apartment itself is the top floor of a brownstone, and is huge and light-filled; there's a huge living room, a kitchen, bathroom, and TWO hall closets. Two laundromats within five minutes' walk. The super doesn't live on premises but is very responsive, and is actually kind of adorable (he came to do a repair once and saw I was home sick with a cold, and immediately put down his tool box and went back out to get me orange juice and kleenex before he started working).


a 40-something writer and former literary manager/stage manager with a day job; a Whovian; an occasional knitter; a serious cook who gets so much food from her CSA she will definitely share; occasional kayaker.


Cats are welcome; dogs, unfortunately not. (The landlord just made it no-dogs-allowed in the building.)


DEFINITELY by February 1. Possibly sooner, if my roommate's search goes better than he's doing now.


$955 per person per month, and utilities average $120-150 per person per month (gas and electric vary).

Pictures and more details available, just leave a comment with some kind of means of contacting you and I can send further details.
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